Saturday, March 28, 2015

A day at the dog park

Today was so lovely and warm, 80*F, with sunny skies and a light breeze, that we decided after DH and I got home from our separate bike rides, that we should all take all the dogs to the local dog park.  
It is a very nice, lighted dog park, with separate areas for large and small dogs, plus an all-dog water park.  Yes, water park for the dogs!  Now, being Ridgebacks, mine all abhor the water park.  I think they believe that people drown dogs there or something.

Ranger, keeping an eye on our whereabouts.
Indy of all the dogs, adores his trips to the dog park.  He is like a kid in the candy store, the King of Perpetual Motion.  He didn't stop running until we were ready to leave.

Indy, pausing a moment to catch his breath.

"I hate this place!" says Shiloh.
Shiloh on the other hand, hates the dog park.  She will greet any other dog if they approach, but that is as far as she will interact.  She will stalk around the fence, ignoring everyone and everything, foaming at the mouth.
Now I'm just gonna hide.
Or in this case, today, Shiloh is hiding under one of the tables.
My boys, tracking something that smells good to them.
Ranger had a pretty good time at the dog park.  He ran after the Monkeys, he explored some, but never strayed too far away from us.  He is settling in very well (currently passed out on the laminate floor after the park.)  He was interactive with the other dogs, but not aggressive.  I hope he will warm up to the dog park like Indy, who is a joy to watch as he runs and plays.


  1. Oh, how fun. I hope to find some extra good like this fun for Mia (my tall girl). . went on a fact finding mission this afternoon after work . . soon, i think, she'll have some chums to play with . . . thanks for sharing!

  2. enjoyable post, park...? I've heard of such but never seen such. My dogs think this valley is their park -lol-
    Hopefully you're doing better...prayers have been going up for you.


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