Friday, March 20, 2015

Random 5 Friday 03/20/15

Linking up with Nancy at A Rural Journal for Random 5 Friday.  

1.  My daffodils we planted as a gift from my Mom are blooming.  They look nice.
2.  I scheduled my shoulder surgery this week.  It will be in late April.  I am really bumming that I have to do this as it will set my fitness back at least 3 months.  It messes up all my plans for the year.  I've got a sub scapular tendon tear and a dislocated biceps tendon.

3.  We are temporarily a two dog home now, after having to put our Cody down this week.  It has been hardest on our kids, as he was always one of  'their dogs' having bonded to our youngest most strongly.  His cancer simply got to be too much for him to bear.  He now runs pain free with our Charlie, the two Old Friends together again.
4.  The weather this past week was somewhat conducive to biking!  DH and I got out a couple times.  He's still way faster than I, but my speed has been averaging in the 15's, which is a big jump for me.  So the winter spent weightlifting has paid some obvious benefits.  The other big improvement has been getting the Carbon Encore recumbent.  It is a great bike!

5.  A month or so ago, we went out to the Rescue Ranch to meet some of their available dogs, and see if we could be matched with another dog.  Roy, the founder of the Ranch, is a great matchmaker, and we were successfully matched to a big boy named Ranger.  We will probably bring him home soon.


  1. Ranger is so handsome! Sorry about the shoulder surgery. Never fun to have a setback like that, BUT you will be much better once it is done!

  2. It's so hard when one of our furbabes leaves us. I feel for all of you. Ranger is a handsome guy. He will be lucky to have you. Sorry you have to have shoulder surgery. I love daffodils! Have a fun weekend.

  3. they are so special . . we don't get to keep them forever . . i still don't know what to say , , ,

    I hope your shoulder surgery is as smooth sailing as possible . . . and that recovery brings unexpected gifts along the way . . . I like knowing you have/know an excellent match maker . . . that's awesome. (Of course you would attract stellar people into your life story . . . )

  4. When the daffodils awake, the spring is really coming...
    Beautiful dogs!
    I think, your shoulder surgery must be very painful. And you've wait such a long time, what a desaster (I know that, with us it is too, medical help has a long waiting time)! Get well soon.

  5. Ranger does have huge paws, doesn't he? Take care of yourself...:)JP

  6. I sure hope your surgery goes well...and that you heal quickly! I've never been on your blog before and enjoyed this visit, partly because....

    You are adopting a Rhodesian Ridgeback! Oh my gosh! We had the most wonderful Rhodesian named Penny (registered name was Royal Khokhoin Huntress) for 9 1/2 years. She had cancer, and had to be put down, and it broke our hearts! We actually got Penny in Texas when we lived there, from a breeder near Waco. We always intended to breed her and had some issues come up that kept up from being able to. We miss her a lot! You are going to LOVE Ranger! I can already tell he (?) is a sweetie!

  7. Your shoulder damage sounds painful! Sorry for the loss of your dog, glad to see you have a new family member coming soon.


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