Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Saying Goodbye

Today is that day that all those who have given their heart to a dog to tear, come to dread.  The tumor has grown so rapidly, that it is now hard to manage and control Cody's pain.  It breaks my heart to hear him whine with every exhalation,  to know he cannot get comfortable in rest, to hear him cry, howl and bark at night sometimes. 

He tries so hard to conceal his pain.  He's damned good at it too, but in the last week or so I know it has been overwhelming him.  Whenever he can though, he tries to act like his young self.  He still loves his food, and treats.  His cloudy eyes still light up when he gets excited over something.  But he is suffering, and I cannot, we cannot allow that to continue unabated. 

Today will be a day of treats and visitors for Cody.  Some of his favorite humans will come over to see him one last time.  We will spoil him senseless if we can.  We all want this day to be comfortable for him, a good sendoff as it were.  I have enough pain meds to control it for the day.

In time, we will remember the good times.  The tears will abate for the most part.  I will do a memory book, especially for Monkey3, who is Cody's most special person.  In time...


  1. I'm so sorry. Thank you for giving Cody such a wonderful life

  2. Gosh, heartfelt sympathies for you and the family. I know how much it hurts to say goodbye. Prayers and ((Hugs)) from all of us here.

  3. I'm so sorry hon. I only wish they could live happy and healthy as long as we do.


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