Friday, March 6, 2015

Random 5 Friday! 03/06/15

Linking up with A Rural Journal for the weekly Random 5 Friday.

Yesterday it rained all day, sometimes downpouring.  We need the rain, even though it turns my back yard into a dog-plowed sea of mud.  But we did not need the temps to plummet below 32 while rain still fell.

1.  What we awoke to this morning was around 4" of white fluffy stuff on top of an inch or so of sleet.  Yet it is so unusual down here, it is easy to appreciate its beauty.
2.  Something must've been chasing Peter Cottontail!  Look how far apart the tracks are--nearly the full width of a Honda Civic.  The lack of pursuit tracks lead me to believe the attack was aerial, probably one of the area owls.
3.  Sometimes the Monkeys work hard!  Here two of them are, shoveling our driveway, and our next door neighbor's too.

4.  UPS is being irritating.  They had my package marked out for delivery today, then changed it to delayed inclement weather.  Now I understand the roads were not great at zero-dark-thirty this morning, but it is 37*F and sunny, and even the subdivision streets are clear without the plow.  So we called to ask to be able to go out ourselves, and pick it up at the local hub.  Oh no, they couldn't do that.  So we will have to wait another day for them to get the package across town.

5.  The new Federal Dietary Guidelines (shouldn't that mean they take LESS of OUR hard earned money?) are out.  This time around, cholesterol is good (yay, more eggs!), sugar is evil (well, over-consuming it is a bad idea anyway),eat more plants and less meat (yes, but their reasoning is stupid, touting its lower environmental impact...pesticides anyone?), and the best news of all, your cuppa java is GOOD !  Even if you have 5 a day!


  1. You have nice monkeys! Nice that they shovel ... and the neighbors walk, too. UPS and USPS ... sigh.........! I figure what "they" say is bad for us today will be good for us in a few years and vice versa. Moderation ... Moderation ... Moderation... easier said than done! ;) Happy Friday!

  2. UPS pulled that on me about a month ago -- and they really could have delivered the package. Wimps! :)

  3. Anything in those guidelines about CHOCOLATE! I am sure it must be good for you.

  4. I bet the snow was exciting! I had a package that sat at Fed Ex for 8 days because of weather, according to their website. However, I saw the UPS truck go by several times during those 8 days.

  5. Yes, I love anything that tells me coffee is good!

  6. i don't know where you are but here in my part of va we ended up with the same weather as you! how frustrating about ups!

  7. Sleet and snow, not so good. Stay safe.
    So glad you have such good snow removers, they get "thumbs up" for being so thoughtful and helpful.
    That is a pain about the UPS especially when you were willing to pick it up yourself.
    I know the Dietery thing is weird, We are of course dealing with these issues now due to my hubby's recent heart issues.

  8. Wow, you have a lot of snow!
    UPS in Germany is not much better - - -
    Dietary Guidelines? They find in each study, the opposite of the previous time, it seems to me. We eat at our own feeling...
    Have a great weekend

  9. We, in the Pacific Northwest, are in the midst of an early and warmer spring, nearly a month early! As to the USDA dietary guidelines, I'm beginning to think it is just hogwash, my guideline is 'all things in moderation.'

  10. Hi, there, Thanks for visiting today!
    So, you're in DFW; we visited there several years ago. Flew into Houston, spent a couple of days with my niece in Texas City, then drove to DFW to the Nascar Race.
    Love the wide open spaces in Texas!

  11. love my UPS feller; can't stand my USPS carrier...lthe UPS guy brings HEAVY boxes, up the driveway, to the house in a foot of snow...God bless him! the USPS carrier doesn't do her job and then whines because people complain. ugh. go figure.

  12. Holy Poot!! It was 50 here today.. and sunny. I honestly never remember seeing snow like that when I lived there. And this late. Must be Global Warming!! And isn't that news about eggs and coffee nice!

  13. That's a fair bit of snow for your area. We still have about 4 inches of the foot and half that was there before the temps actually got up to 50. Enjoy the view!

  14. I agree with Madge...moderation is the key to diet. Following that rule is another matter. I did not know the meaning of transpanrency till the last 6 years....just realized it has a whole new meaning. We love our UPS and USPS guys...though there was a sub-mailman we used to have that was just plain glad we don't have him any more. Now when our regular guy is off, we have a nice young woman.


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