Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Introducing Ranger

A month or so ago, we went out to the Rescue Ranch, and got matched with a dog, named Ranger.  He's a purebred Ridgeback, and a sweet big boy.

Today I brought him home.  He was a house dog in his previous existence, so house rules should come easily.  He's very tall though which make counter surfing more likely, as he has a health issue, and has not been putting on weight, but he IS very hungry!

Integrating him into the pack has gone well so far.  Everyone is getting along, and I think the pack should mesh easily.

It's a beautiful day, with a strong wind out of the south. The dogs are sleepy and so am I.  I am thinking that a nap is in order.  The dogs seem to agree.


  1. I am so happy you rescued Ranger. In time, and with lots of love, he's going to thrive.

  2. We took a full pack walk last night to see how it went. Ranger walks like a dream with a Gentle Leader halter on! Even the kids could walk him no problem!

  3. He is very handsome! I love his color.


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