Friday, March 27, 2015

Random 5 Friday 3/27/15

Linking up with Nancy at A Rural Journal for Random 5 Friday where you list 5 random things about your life, your family, your pets etc.

1.  Wednesday was my lucky day!  I didn't end up having to have the thyroid biopsy I was supposed to have today, because the doc was unable to find the nodule in question to sample.  Apparently the thing they thought they saw last week, was a false image.  YAY!
All three Ridgies on a pack walk.
2.  Tuesday, we brought home our newest addition to the pack.  Ranger, He is fitting in quite well so far, with no squabbles with the other dogs.  He walks well on a leash with the Gentle Leader halter on.  He is a little thin, and we are working on that to see if it was just kennel stress, or perhaps something else.
3.  Pine Hill Animal Crematory brought Cody home to us Wednesday.  They are compassionate folks there, and took good care of our boy.  He now rests on the mantle, next to his best buddy, Charlie.
Cody and Charlie together again.

4.  I have been back on the bike for the last week or so.  It feels really good to be riding again, but sadly this shoulder repair is going to put a big dent in my ride time.  I am trying to store up memories of warm sunny days to tide me over for 2 months.  However, DH has promised to take me out on the tandem as stoker during my convalescence.  It should help me retain some level of sanity...

5.  Tonight (Thursday) I am trying to make popovers for the first time.  I hope it goes well, as I only have until Easter Sunday to master the process!  DH has requested popovers for his birthday meal, having enjoyed them once at a local Brazilian Steakhouse.  The recipe is from a friend, and you can find it here.  I got a silicone popover pan (it was cheaper than the metal ones and won't rust, but will make excellent summer ice cubes!).  I hope it will make popovers well...

Our handsome black-masked boy!


  1. Congratulations on your new family member. Handsome indeed!

  2. What a luck, that they don't found bad things by the thyroid biopsy!
    Sorry, my English isn't enough, to always read everything correctly. I had not understand, that Cody has lost you *forever*. Only today I see... and I was visiting the old post and have it read. - It's a big sorrow to lost such a friend.

  3. Well that IS great that you don't need the biopsy. Hope the popovers turn out well. I don't think I've ever made them.

  4. Good news on your biopsy and you new guy is so handsome!

  5. Good news about your thyroid. Ranger is so handsome and lucky to have a place to call his furever home. Take care of your shoulder and bike when you can ... slowly ...!!!

  6. Mascha--never fear, your English is WAY better than my German ever was! Your comments are welcome here!
    Lisa- the popovers turned out really well! I got the silicone pan off Amazon for cheap (less than $10).
    Sarah and Snap-thanks for your well wishes.

  7. Congrats on the new addition to your family! He's a handsome guy. Take care of your shoulder! :)

  8. Awesome news about not needing the Thyroid Biopsy.
    Congrats on Ranger, I hope he gains some weight. These are interesting dogs, I've never seen this breed before.
    Hope your shoulder heals soon. A "tandem" bike ride sounds like fun.
    I've never made popovers before either. Hope yours turn out for you.

  9. Good News that you don't need the Thyroid Biopsy ! Your dog will certainly put on weight with your good care. Was probably the kennel stress. He looks so handsome.

  10. Just love Ranger (and your other Ridgies!) Glad he is fitting in well in his new home. How sad but sweet to have your lost pet's ashes to commemorate his part in your family/pack. I'm so glad you don't need the thyroid biopsy after all!

  11. Her popovers turned out outstanding! Thanks to Brigid @ Home on the Range for the recipe! Now the trick is going to not eat myself stupid on them.


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