Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cloudy Horizons

Today dawned cloudy and cool, with light to no breeze when I saw DH off to work.  He's not riding the Giant this week, taking an unexpected break after being blindsided in the knee by the Amos and Andy show at the kennel Saturday night.  We are hoping and praying it will not require surgery...and of course this week's work has had him up on ladders all day long.  No fun with a bum knee.

One task today was to check the tent from the camp out a week or so ago and make sure it was really dry.  Otherwise we risk mold and mildew on our very costly very big tent, a mistake we can ill afford.  I'd meant to do it last week, but it always seemed too windy to risk hanging it up, so after DH said we would do it tonight, I checked the wind forecast and decided it was better to do it this morning, before the wind and possible rains came in.

Monkey1 and I had the tent hung up on the fence-lines in a few minutes, and I noted things were looking good--no mildew or odors etc.  We let it air out for a while, then got it safely bundled and back inside for later folding, when DH gets home.  Just in time too, for it has started to rain a little bit here.

This brought to mind my remaining pictures from the PK trip.  I thought about doing "Yellow", as I have several, but that didn't seem to be quite right.  This is more of a "Red" day.  Enjoy!

 Gaillardia --Blanket Flower


             An unknown cactus

Callirhoe involucrata - Wine Cup 


  1. Pretty desert flowers -- and I do hope your husband's knee gets better!

  2. I'm very fond of Gaillardia's. They're tough! I've been gardening today. Except for the epic bugs the weather has been lovely in SE Georgia. ~:)

  3. Yes!!! It IS a "Red Day!"
    Hope your sweetie is better already -
    love & love,


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