Friday, May 3, 2013

Random 5 Fact Friday 05/03/13

This week's installment of Random Facts.  

1.  It's May already, and I really don't know where the year is speeding off to.  So much to do, and so little time it seems to get it all done.

2.  I really need to unpack the tent to make sure it is dry from camping last weekend.  The fly and tarp are dried already, but the tent footprint I am sure is damp (plastic), and it wouldn't hurt to check the body of the tent.  It's just difficult to wrangle it when it is windy out, without a second Big Person around.

3.  The Monkeys planted petunias out front.  They look really nice, now that they have recovered from the transplant shock.

4.  If you love animals and want a pet--be it a cat or dog, or something more exotic, please consider adopting from a rescue organization.  Most of them operate on a shoestring budget, and do what they do for a love of the animals, not for the money.  You CAN find purebred animals in rescue, you CAN find puppies/kittens (though babies are often more work than folks remember)...but please consider an adult animal.

5.  The Monkeys decided to set snares and rat traps in the back yard this week.  So far the rats destroyed all the fishing line snares, and the snap traps scored one dead rat! No, I didn't take a picture of the dead rat.


  1. The petunias are beautiful and I for one am happy not to see a rat live or dead:) B

  2. Rats are so clever my daughter had a pet one and it used to escape all the time !! Thanks for visiting me today on my blog.. Have a great weekend...

  3. I hope Cody is much improved today.
    I have plenty of friends who work in animal rescue - and - at the moment - have two aging pets that rescued me.

    Thank you for all your terrific photos - my world is better because you share.

    I wish I'd make a habit of using my camera more often.

    love & love,

  4. great photos, adopting from shelters or picking up strays is such a good practise...all of our creatures came to us this way..I like rats but know they have a dark side..

  5. Hey took your suggestion and put the hat on:) B

  6. Oh YES! Our border collie came from a rescue and he's the best dog we've ever had :-)

    Your petunias look great.

  7. Love your petunias. Hummingbirds will love them too!

    Yes! Rescue animals are wonderful. Two of our kitties are rescues, and older. Two found us as strays. When we adopt a dog, he/she will be a rescue. Only way to go.

    Bummer no rat pic.. :D

  8. Oh, yes, adopting from rescue organizations or from animal shelters is the way to go. I adopted my first cat, Waddles, when she was 9 years old. She lived to be 21. She saved me, not the other way around. :-) So many animals need good homes, including older ones that a lot of people don't seem to want.

    I love the purple petunias! They look like dark velvet.

  9. Very pretty petunias. Flowers are such fun! We own over 6 country acres, so, I planted white ones this year. It's made the place quite showy using very little money. They will return year after year too, another plus for this lovely flower.

    I've had boo-coo dogs through out my (now long) life, including "pure breds". I actually prefer "mutts". They usually have better health than AKC's and tend to have even temperments. Rescuing a pet is definately a good way to go. You, the animal, and the community will benefit from such a relationship.

    God bless ~ Sparky ~:)


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