Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Musings

Poor Cody, he is still in the cone of shame!  His eye is healing, but very slowly, and whenever I let him out of the cone he paws at his eye, irritating it again.  I worry if he is not in the cone, he could end up losing some or all vision in that eye.  Mind you this injury occurred back on April 1st... So I take it a week at a time and try to let him have a day without the cone on Fridays.
And on a happier note, we set our above ground pool up today!  The Monkeys are all excited, and it ( the pool) is fairly level.  We may have to re-set it later, but at least now we now where the low spots are at!
The Monkeys are looking forward to the next day or so, as the chemicals stabilize, and the water warms up!   For that matter, Dave and I are looking forward to relaxing in it too!


  1. Poor Cody. The day Angus got out of his was a tail wagging happy day. I hope he heals up completely. It's hard but the end result will be worth it.

    Have fun with the pool. The three of us would be melted by now if not for ours :)


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