Friday, May 31, 2013

Random 5 Friday 05/31/13

This week's installment of Random 5 Facts...
You never know when the Muse will strike you, nor when it will be fickle and desert your brain totally!   Today seem like one of those uninspired days.

1.  I picked up a news story that TIGHAR has found a sonar anomaly in the area they strongly suspect contains the wreckage of Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Electra.  These folks do fascinating research into old plane wrecks, and I have been casually following their site for years now.  Explore their website--it's full of all sorts of interesting information!

2.  Packet Pickup for my upcoming bike ride is this weekend.  I need to go collect my goodies, and also snag DH another set of bike gloves as he has worn out a pair already.  Hmm...seems like Pearl Izumi quality has taken a turn for the worse, as he has only had this pair for a year.  Granted, they were not the top 'o the line gloves, but I still expected more life from them.

3.  We're supposed to get our new smartphones today.  Our old contract expired and it is time to upgrade I think.  Hopefully we will have chosen wisely, as we will be using these phones for the forseeable future!

4.  I am not satisfied with the results of my attempts at cooking Chinese Food.  The kids seem to like it, but I'm generally not happy.  Maybe it's just I don't like Teriyaki?

5.  The Monkeys are thoroughly enjoying the pool already, despite that the water isn't all that warm yet.  Kids...enjoying a pool....go figure!


  1. We haven't ventured to the pool...yet!

    Ohhhh... the wreckage of Amelia's Electra...that sounds fascinating!

  2. How intriguing about the sonar anomaly.

  3. I love Teriyaki Chicken but I haven't perfected making the fried rice that goes with it.

  4. I saw that news report about the plane wreckage. Wouldn't it be something if they finally find out what happened?!!! Out to the pool with you! Enjoy the ride. I'm still without a Smart phone. Happy Random 5 Day!

  5. I only do stir fry (is that Chinese?)

    Interesting facts this week. Thanks so much for sharing my friend.

  6. Amelia Eckhart, interesting! I love Teriyaki-I've seen kids and adults poolside here and we've not yet the weather-fish they are fish related I'm convinced.:-)

  7. Thanks for the info on the website! It sounds fascinating :)

    And i don't think kids care how warm the water is. Lol. That's more of a grownup concern.

  8. I read that story in the news about the possible plane wreakage, too. I have been fascinated by the Amelia Earhart story since I was a girl. Thanks for that link.

    Have fun on your bike ride! I can't wait until I can get on the bike (still wearing the ortho boot).

  9. Solving Amelia's Adventure - How cool would that be???

    I remember being a kid and waiting restlessly for someone to say it was okay to be in the pool - who cares if they turn blue???


  10. Wow I am impressed with your degree. HUGS B

  11. Still impressed with your brain:) I have two daughters with big student loans I understand. B


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