Thursday, May 23, 2013

What are your Memorial Day Weekend plans?

Our plans for this weekend have changed a lot since we tried to form them.  There was a plan to camp with another vet's family, but that fell through in trying to find a suitable campsite, and boarding our dogs.  MonkeyBoy was supposed to go set flags on the graves at DFW National Cemetery again, but that fell through when we didn't get signed up in time.  Then DH and our friend were going to do the local Carry the Load walk, but injuries have kept them from being able to walk the kinds of distances they had planned.  And the recent rains while welcome, have likely turned the Sand Pit Range into the Quick-Sand Pit Range, so a range trip is probably not an option either.

We do have a plan to attend the annual church BBQ some time this weekend.  It is always a pleasant quiet time--not the usual rowdy event you might imagine.  And there is a plan afoot to smoke up some country ribs with our friend, and I am sure the guys will sit around remembering absent comrades in arms.

There are no graves here to visit, those being all several hundred miles away, in another state.  That task falls to my mom, who is still able to get around safely, and do such things. 

Oh there may be a bike ride or two over the long weekend.  It is a good time to rack up some quality miles...and I desperately need the good miles!  Perhaps I will map out a cemetery ride...and try to pay a visit to any vets graves I find there.  That IS the point of this whole weekend after all...Memorial Day.

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  1. Sounds like a nice weekend in the works. My only plans include the grocery store, the garden, and a long run. Typical weekend for me! I do have to work on Monday evening, and my husband is thinking about cutting the hay field. But I'm sure we'll work some fun in too.


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