Sunday, May 12, 2013

Traditions, some good, some not!

My husband started a family tradition for Mothers Day, as a follow on to one his family did with his mom. Fishing!  They'd take his mom fishing every Mothers day.

So in honor of the day I got the whole crew out fishing too.  It was a gorgeous day, sunny and cooler than normal with a light cool breeze from the south too.  There were a lot of folks at the local pond, many fishing, some just hanging with their parents.  I got the folding chair to sit in, and we began baiting hooks.
Monkey1 and her fish.

This is one of mine.



More bluegill!

The bluegill did not disappoint either.  For once, all of us were catching fish.  We even began to fix lines and rig poles for the other kids running around, and they started catching fish.  Fun was had by all, and I got a total of 8 bluegill, though the sun started to wear on us, as that other less desired holiday tradition began to rear its ugly head...puking.
Pretty fishy!

Yes, my Monkeys have a virtual lock on that holiday tradition, though it is usually expressed at Christmas, in projectile fashion.  They have painted the holidays various shades of purple (blueberry yogurt) and other colors too barf-like to mention.  This Mother's Day was no exception. 

Early last week, Monkey3 smuggled home a stomach virus.  Mild fever, one incident of puking, and a couple days of stomach upset were all.  I had thought we dodged the bullet, so to speak, when no one else got sick...until I began to feel like death warmed over last night during dinner.  I took some anti-nausea meds, and went to bed early, wishing I had puked first to rid my body of the stomach contents, but the meds worked too well.

By noon today, I felt well enough for a piece of bread and a banana, and fed everyone else, loaded up the van, and went fishing.  MonkeyBoy was acting funny, like he was sick, but he was wanting to fish so badly, he went anyway.  After a couple hours in the sun, we were all feeling a bit "done". 

At home now, DH got sick, followed immediately by MonkeyBoy, yarking all over the old dog bed and pillow.  My new Camelbak waist pack was even in the splash zone.  Yuck!  Tending to two sick family members at the same time is difficult, and no easier when you feel crappy yourself, but such is the life of a Mom...After seeing to all the sicker folks in the house than myself, my oldest presents herself to me saying her stomach hurts a little, and could I take her temperature too?  Yep, another one...

Sick on a holiday--that's one tradition I could do without!


  1. What a brilliant, fun, truth-telling post!

    I have class rooms of kids - none of my own - I always wonder if I'll get one of those episodes - where one starts and the rest follow . . so far, it hasn't occurred - BUT, i see by your post - my day will come.

    Thank you for sharing. happy Mothers Day!

  2. I remember a family vacation to an amusement park where we all came down with food poisoning from something we ate at one of the food stands. Horrible!

  3. Fishing is a fun tradition. And hopefully the stomach bug is one tradition that won't be repeated on future mother's days!!

  4. Oh I hope everyone is feeling better now. I miss fishing. Take care B


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