Monday, May 20, 2013


Why, oh why, were those grade school children reduced to hiding in the hallway of their school?  When I was in grade school, way back when...we used to have tornado drills.  And I remember we all had to sit in the hallways, in the tornado version of Duck and Cover...and even then I knew we were not safe like that, in that hallway...It's been 40 freaking years since I was in grade school--why oh why are they not building proper storm shelters in these schools?  It's not like this was the first time Moore OK has suffered an F4-F5 tornado (May 3 1999).

I know there was a push locally in the OKC area, to rebuild homes with storm shelters.  Why not the schools?  I know that private citizens have the option to choose how to spend their money--whether it be on a big screen TV, or fancy new rims for their car, or a boat, or on a storm shelter.  And I know that the culture of Me! of I Want It NOW!, of one-upping the Joneses plays a part in peoples decisions.  But those kids, in a grade school, don't have that choice, don't make those spending decisions, don't plan state and local budgets... So tell me, why don't they put storm shelters, proper ones, in schools?

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Moore Oklahoma tonight, and with the others thus affected by the tornadoes over the last two days.

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