Friday, May 10, 2013

Random 5 Fact Friday 05/10/13

1.  I am really liking our Sen. Cruz!  He is a solid Conservative, and with a sharp wit and a sharp tongue, he is making a distinct impression on Washington, the Establishment, and the White House.  His latest quote is a SMACKDOWN!  “America is stuck with high unemployment and low GDP growth, so it’s encouraging to see the President coming to Austin to talk about jobs – perhaps he will learn how to create some from the folks who know how,” said Sen. Cruz.
Ouch, that had to sting!

2.  Rain, glorious rain!  Cool temperatures, and no A/C!  We got some much needed rain Thursday.

3.  With Texas on the verge of at last updating and undoing the arcane mess that is Texas' knife laws, I have been eyeballing the selection of Auto-knives (aka switchblades).  I am kicking around the idea of an HK/Benchmade, or a Microtech Ultratech (both OTF).

4.  Our church garage sale is this weekend, but the pickings are pretty slim compared to past years.  I think I can still snag some clothes for the Monkeys though.  Clothes always go super cheap at the church sale.

5.  I've been reading Mike Ritland's book on the SEAL K9 War Dogs.  It's called Trident K9 Warriors.  It is fascinating, and he gives a lot of insight into what goes into the selection and training of such dogs.  It gives me a greater respect for these animals, and also confirms my decision that Mals are more dog than I am interested in learning to handle...


  1. I hope you get some good finds at the church sale!

  2. Oh have fun at the sale I am sure you will find something. B

  3. The book sounds great -- I love watching anything to do with training GSDs or Malinois dogs.

    Thanks so much for sharing with us this week! xo

  4. I'd like to meet - see with my own eyes - one of those canines. I've seen them on television, but never in person.

    I'm glad there are so many of us who enjoy shopping thriftily . . (I'm not sure "thriftily" is a word - but i trust you'll understand what i mean.)

  5. Garage/yard sales rule!

    And i now want to find a copy of that book. Sounds fascinating.

  6. we've seen a wonderful documentary on the TK9 should be a great book...

  7. first time visitor....have fun at the church sale...


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