Friday, May 3, 2013

Cody Update

Thank you all who said a prayer or had kind thoughts regarding Cody-dog.  His trip to the vet yielded a new antibiotic drop (no more ointment), and sadly for Cody, the Cone of Shame!

Yes Cody must wear the Cone of Shame for 2 weeks!  Poor dog...he has no clue how large it is, so he keeps clipping it on stuff in the house, and then getting startled when it knocks stuff over (like a bucket of kids toys!)  Eventually he will get used to it.  What will be more of a challenge, is getting the drops into his eye as often as possible, for 2 whole weeks.  But the doc said we can give him Benadryl, which will help keep it from itching (allergies), and will also make him sleepy-ish, so perhaps it will be easier to administer the meds.

Can a dog look any more dejected?
 He is such a Klutz in the cone...he has already tried to knock over the bicycles, and broke the outlet plate on the wall socket in the hall.  He snagged the hall nightlight with the Cone, and snapped the cover plate in half.  He needs help to get onto the couch, because he doesn't understand he needs to lift his head UP to get the Cone over the edge of the couch.  Somehow, though, he managed to cram his body, Cone and all, UNDER our bed...
I just don't know how he is going to get out from under here, do you?


  1. Poor Cody! When my miniature schnauzer, Maxie, had kidney stones, she had to wear the Cone Of Shame so as not to pull the line of stitches out of her belly. So Maxie 'understands'. :) Hope Cody is well soon.
    And deepest sympathies on the loss of Charlie. It breaks my heart whenever someones loses their furry friends (family) 'cause I love my dogs too. ^. .^
    God bless.
    Sparky @ My Thoughts Exactly
    (Popped over from Thistle Cove Farm)

  2. We're all sending out our best wishes for Cody's swift recovery. The cone is always a tough thing but it sure beats the alternative. Angus sends Cody his sympathies!

  3. Sparky, Six and everyone else, after the long weekend in the Cone, cody does seem to be improving--his eye anyway! He is still a total klutz in the Cone, running into stuff, trying to eat, etc.

    And it does seem to be an interesting behavior modification device. He spent the weekend out at the Rescue Ranch, and was so well behaved around the other dogs, I am thinking of keeping the Cone as a permanent feture of his life! (haha, just kidding....)


  4. Better Soon - Better Soon . . .


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