Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Free at last!

Yes, my beloved DH, is free of his headgear!  The paste they used is sort of a cross between dry wall putty, and plumbers pipe dope, but water soluble, sort of.

He had a bit of a skin reaction to the paste too.  Left his looking like he'd been attacked by the Salt Vampire! 

Poor guy!  I had to put hydrocortisone on his spots, to try to alleviate the itch and rash the paste left behind.  We will have the results of the testing on Thursday.


  1. Oh that stinks. I had to wear a heart device for a few days once, and the sensors left huge welts - they itched so bad! It took 6 weeks for them to finally go away. I hope your hubby's heal much faster!

  2. Oh it is going to be fine.Hug B

  3. The cream will fx them in no time!...:)JP

  4. Poor guy! Well, I hope all the torture was worth it so the docs can help. I hope the next post is good news concerning your hubby. Prayers for his healing. Y'all stay warm! It's getting cold (again). What a winter. God bless. ~:)


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