Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Musings 02/10/14

Thoughts on a cold and damp Monday...not exactly like Random 5 Friday, but kinda sorta.


Yesterday marked 5 years since my Dad was buried.  It seems a lot longer ago than that in some ways, and like it was yesterday in others.  It was hard to hold a conversation with him in the end, so deep into the dementia he was.  But we could always at least talk about the weather.

Today we get DH's fancy new headgear removed so they can analyze the data. Hopefully it will clarify the situation so the doc can formulate a treatment plan for whatever ails him.

I keep telling myself I will not complain about the cold weather...I know how hot it will likely be this August, when I will be praying for cold weather, and ruing my impending electrical bills.  This is the first weekend in 3 years now that we have turned on the central heat.  Even on the coldest days, 13*F, here, it stayed at or above 53*F inside the house.  But with DH being uncomfortable in his headgear, and cold with the inactivity, he wanted to be warm, so the heat got turned on.  I admit the warmth is nice...but I hate how much it costs me to run it.

This coming weekend is not only Valentines Day (Friday for any who have forgotten), but also a big Dog Adoption Weekend at Petsmart stores all over.  The dog rescue I volunteer with, TIRR, is participating all three days.  We will try to go out possibly two days, to help out.  The kids love to do it, and I love to interact with the dogs.   With more helpers to wrangle dogs, the TIRR folks have more time to talk with prospective adopters, and the dogs get more attention one-on-one.

Here's hoping everyone has a good week, a safe and healthy week, and be sure to remember to hug your loved ones and your animals too!


  1. Oh I miss my Dad too it has been just over six years for me.
    Hope DH gets this figured out soon.
    I can only imagine my electric bill and we burn wood, it is so cold here we have both going yikes could be scary.
    Valentines Day I hope I get some chocolate that is all it means to me:) from anybody I do not care:) Hug B

  2. Paying those heating bills is expensive but a necessity when the temperature goes way down!

    Hope the doctors figure out what ails your husband soon.

  3. Hope things go well with your husband. And that many of the animals find loving homes!

  4. Oooh, I hope he is happy having his head returned - without all the hardware. I hope the information received is helpful and happy making. (Watching for Best Possible Outcome.)

    Who thought up bills anyway? There MUST be a better system . . . (smile) - Heat is surely a gift.

    Hope we can all remember that this summer.

    Love to YOU - ALL of You!!!

  5. Perhaps the results will finally get to the bottom....and as far as the cold..I am done...even though there is a foot of snow sitting in the yard!...:)JP


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