Friday, February 28, 2014

Random 5 Friday 02/28/14

Ah, the last day of February 2014!  And time for another Random  5 Friday entry.  Linking up with Nancy at A Rural Journal for R5F as usual.
Oriental Iris

1.  While it is cold here again this week, I do see signs of warmer weather on the way.  The daffodils we planted from my Mom's house, are well on their way to blooming.  The mock cherry bush is in full bloom.  There are three surviving grape hyacinth blooming this year!  And the oriental iris corms I buried too deeply seem to have overcome that difficulty and at least 3 came up.  I love iris!
Daffodils and Grape Hyacinths

2.  Monkey1 and I are going today to get our hair cut.  I really need it too!  I feel like Shaggy, from Scooby Do, with my hair long enough to obscure my glasses!  Monkey1 has very difficult to manage wild hair.  This will be her first professional hair cut, all the others having been at the cheapo discount places.  I am hoping for good results for her.

3.  Readers, do any of you shop at Krogers?  If so, do you use their discount card?  You know, the one they scan at checkout, (or you input the alternate ID#) and you get some discounts on items for using it?  It's not a credit card or a payment method, it's just how they track what you buy to do their direct mailings of coupons with.  Anyway, they now have a Community Rewards Program, whereby documented charitable organizations can apply, and then Krogers donates money to those groups, based on who chooses them to link to their Kroger Card.  It's pretty simple to add a charity to your card and it costs YOU nothing!

Bear with me, I'm getting to my point... the Rhodesian Ridgeback dog rescue we volunteer with, is in fact a 501c3 charitable organization.  Krogers has accepted them into their Community Rewards Program.  Please consider adding Texas Independent Ridgeback Rescue (Kroger #37500) to your Kroger Card.  Again, you pay nothing, Krogers just donates some percentage of total purchases on linked Kroger Cards to TIRR.  It would help them out tremendously.  Rescue is expensive work--the vet bills alone are astronomical.  If any of you choose to link them, I thank you so much, and please, share this with your dog-loving friends! 

**Well it turns out that Krogers only allows for you to choose one charity at a time on their Community Rewards Program.  And then they said you needed to be regional to the charity...??  Ok, well please try to add TIRR anyway, and if any readers are in Texas, then it ought to work, since TIRR is in Texas.

4.  Tonight DH and I get a rare treat--a date night!  Yes, it is G-movie night at church, and all the Monkeys are going....for 3 whole hours.  Hmmm....the possibilities!

5.  This is Old Dog younger days.  He assumed the mantel of Old Dog upon the passing of my Charlie last April.  Cody is a Ridgeback, that much we are certain of.  What else is in there genetically, well, I guess that's between God and Cody, as he is a Ridgeback of Uncertain Parentage.  (I suspect a brindle Blackmouth Cur in the woodpile)  This picture below was taken when he was around 5yrs old, in his prime.  Nowadays, he wears white spectacles around his big ol' yellow eyes, and on his once-black muzzle.  His hips are a little stiff, you can see it in his gait, but he is not in pain.  He is also not Boss Dog.  That is Shiloh's job now.  Cody was always the beta dog, never the alpha.  He loves his packmate best, Monkey3, who lets him sleep in comfort on her bed each night.   Perhaps it is time to tell some of Cody's stories here, while he is still here to enjoy them with us.
Old younger days.


  1. Old Dog is a gorgeous boy!
    Have fun on your date. Enjoy!

    Love the shots of the bloomers. *sigh* Hoping it won't be too long before I see some here.

  2. Monkeywrangler,

    Your sights of spring are inspiring. I needed a dose of pretty flowers this morning.

    Have fun at the barber. A good haircut and date night does the soul good.

    What would we do without our dogs? They become part of the family and bring us so much joy.

  3. Rhodesians are not very common around here, but I use to work at a vet clinic where I would occasionally see one.

  4. How exciting about the daffodils.

    I do have a Kroger card, but I have it set up to donate to a local horse rescue. It's great that you can do that through your grocery card, isn't it?

  5. hey, where is the shot of you looking like shaggy? giggles. (hey, you made me laugh - that is cool, right??!) been there done that many a times. ha. ha!! love the daffodils ... i wonder what happened to the ones i noticed in our yard - i hope they will be ok ... our weather has been nuts. one day super warm & the next a chance of snow??! what!?!?!? ( :

  6. There are no Krogers here bit I have always loved Ridgebacks...they are such fierce/brave dogs and your old boy was a looker in his prime! God luck with the haircuts...:)JP

  7. Some wildflowers are blooming here in SE Georgia. It's been so nice, we've started the Spring garden. Not sure what we're going to plant yet.

    It's hard to watch our furbabies age knowing that one day we must go on without them. Our Lucy (Boxer, almost 12 yrs old) is wearing white spectacles too. Her gait is severely limited and she has painful days. I'm surprised that she actually enjoys our new Jack Russell Terrorists, aka The Boys. *giggle* I think they've lifted her out of a depression she suffered from when Maxie died. She actually cried, you know. CRIED! In her sleep. Who says dogs don't have feelings!? HA! (But you know that.)

    We shop at Kroger occasionally. I'm going to check and see what charities are available to us. Thank you for bringing that to everyone's attention. ~:)

  8. Happy Dog, then - and I'm certain - now as well.
    I like you asking people to consider giving to a rescue. Tomorrow i am assisting in a large, first annual fundraiser for a lot of related rescue groups . . . wish you were part of our project . . alas, we are in Missouri - we cover groups in the surrounding area . . . not, yet - quite that far . . BUT, I'll be thinking of you . . .

  9. Vic, beautiful boy! I just about cried recently when I realized Sadie will be 5 on the 29th of March. I am SO not ready for her and Sam to be 5! Even if Sadie is starting to gray around the muzzle.

  10. p. s. love your Real time Earth/Moon phases on your side bar...fabulous!


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