Friday, February 14, 2014

Random 5 Friday - Valentines Day 2014

Linking up with Nancy at A Rural Journal for Random 5 Friday.

1.  This weekend, Friday-Sunday, in Petsmart's National Adoption Weekend.  I think the Monkeys and I will be going out to Alliance to help our friends hold their Adoption Days rally there.  The dogs will appreciate the extra attention, and that frees up the adults to talk with potential adopters too.

2.  They keep promising a warm-up in our local weather by the weekend.  I'm not sure I believe them!  However at least we dodged the latest round of ice and snow that was predicted for Mon-Tues this week.  Others were not so lucky.

3.  I learned something today (Wednesday).  I had never before heard of this woman, Irena Sendlerowa, or her dedication to saving infants and children from the Warsaw Ghetto.  I sit here, humbled by this little old Polish lady...
There are some errors in the above photo-text.  Corrections are noted below, and come from the website.
***Numerous internet websites have posted much incorrect information. Irena was not German, She didn't know the Nazis' plans, she was not a plumbing specialist (she was a social worker), Most of the children saved were not babies, she used a tool box several times at most, the truck wasn't hers. Her legs were fractured-not broken, her arms were not broken. The dog was only used a few times, Her name was Irena not Iliana and there are several other mistakes. The Nobel Peace Prize is given for achievement during the past several years, Irena knew this and asked not to be nominated. The Nobel Committee encouraged her nomination to give her more recognition.  She was a big fan of Al Gore.

4. We had plans, DH & I to go out to dinner Friday for Valentines, since we had some gift cards for a particular restaurant.  However, we forgot to make reservations in a timely manner... Readers and friends, do you have any special plans with a special someone, for today?  (maybe I'll buy him a box of ammo...nothing says "I love you!" like a box of ammo!)

5. The Random 5 muse is not with me this week I guess.  I hate it when the blogging muse goes AWOL.  Does that ever happen to you?


  1. Oh Irena Sendlerowa no matter what the true story is was indeed a Hero and I loved hearing about her.
    Happy Valentines we do not make a big deal about the day every day is Valentines for me with My Hero nothing says love like doing the chores for someone you love:) Hug B

  2. What an amazing story, i hate it it when I am blog blocked, thanks for your kind thoughts on my blog today...

  3. Excellent idea from PetSmart. I think it's a wonderful thing to bring needy pets into our lives. If one can afford to I hope all can rescue as many as possible. I know it's expensive (there's no such thing as a "free" dog) but it is very fulfilling for us and the pet. They bring so much love into our lives.

    The frost is so heavy here this AM in SE Georgia it could pass for a light dusting of snow. We are having a real winter this year.

    I knew about Irena Sendler but didn't realize that some of the info is erroneous. Someone should change her profile to reflect what truly transpired. Such a brave, honorable woman. She still deserves to be respected and speaking the truth would do just that. That's dramatic enough! :)

    I'd rather have the ammo, or motorcycle gear, than a box of chocolates or a card. Any day. I'm such a tom boy. *giggle*

    My Muse has been Missing In Action this week. Thanks for the sweet comment about Maxie. I do miss her terribly. Your heartfelt words where very comforting. And sending warm hugs about your dear Charlie. I guess time will heal all wounds. I'm looking forward to it not hurting anymore.

    Luv ~:)

  4. i have never head of Irene i guess i need to research it more. thank you for sharing. i sure hope you get your bloggy feet again - i love reading what you have to say. i have the reverse problem. i have so much to share i can't figure out how or where to share it all. i try to keep my blog about travel, but i want to share more... like my daily life & all. i guess one reason why i thought i could do a YouTube video every once in a while. i have to schedule a lot. my snow views are coming Monday. it was the best time. but i wanted to share today since it happened yesterday. but i have another things to share. it is a tough call. i know some folks have several blogs but i don't know how i would do that. i speak ... but speaking on many blogs seems like a ton of work. too much. ha. ha!! Happy <3 Day!! ( :

  5. That's interesting about Irena. I just read The Zookeeper's Wife, which was a true account of a zoo that was sort of an underground railroad in Poland during the war. An amazing story.

  6. Thank you for sharing the information about Irena. Humbling.

    And the blogging muse has been elusive during the winter months. Hoping she/he returns come spring. :)

  7. My muse goes on vacation often. Thank you for sharing Irena's story. Good for you to volunteer during the adoption rally. I hope a lot of animals are adopted. Happy Friday and stay warm.

  8. Buy him a box of ammo??? THAT was inspired, i gotta say.

    I received one valentine today - it was an e-card . . a beautiful one . . then came the personal text - where i was told the send is not my valentine . . . hmm . . . a box of ammo is lookin' better all the time . . (giggle)

  9. I think ammo makes a Very Fine gift!
    Best of success with the pet adoption; my vet just agreed to give me a discount on multiple spay and neuters in the coming weeks.
    Bless her!

  10. We are staying home tonight while I make a nice meal and enjoy a glass of wine together. Tomorrow we have a nice day planned.

  11. Thank you for sharing the story about Irena. I admire her so much! We went out Thursday for Valentine's dinner to avoid the rush. Lasagna, good wine -- great evening!

  12. Even if the story about Irena has become exagerated over the years, she was a remarkable woman.

    Yep, sometimes the muse insists on escaping! ;)

  13. Oh, yes, yes, yes the blogging muse leaves me. Or even worse, I will have a real good idea of what I want to blog about, then when I get to sit down to do it, I have forgotten...


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