Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Musings 02/24/14

Well, another weekend come and gone.  This was a working weekend for us, as we went out to TIRR dog rescue.  After a lovely dinner out, Friday night, we got up early Saturday and began to disassemble one of two monster piles of dead wood.  Previously, whenever dead trees had been cut down, the wood was simply piled up into these huge brush piles.

After beating the 6" wood chipper into submission, we began to make headway on the pile.  The Monkeys brought wood to the big people who fed the chipper.  Roy ran the big tractor and would shove the pile around to free up logs and knock out any unwelcome wildlife out of the heap.  DH alternately ran a chainsaw or the chipper, and I ran the chipper or hauled wood to feed it.

Somebody loves his Stihl!
By day's end, the pile was GONE!  Roy was surprised, as were we all.  I didn't think we could get through it all in a single day, especially with the finicky chipper.  But we succeeded, and the dogs have a safer pen to run in.   Later on this year, we will go after the Mother of All Woodpiles, and also cut out more of the dead trees from the property.  This will require the BIG wood chipper, an industrial grade 12" heavy duty thing.  But with it in place and enough boots on the ground, we can get rid of the last big brush pile, and chip the newly cut trees at the same time! 

This is Tucker.
Of course, a trip to the dog ranch entailed spending some time with the hounds.  We even tested one older dog, Tucker, with our existing 2, for compatibility.  While the dogs got along ok in the neutral pen, both DH and I agreed that our old dog Cody was going to be low dog in the pack, and it would not end up as a good match at our home.  So I guess we will bide our time until the right dog and/or the right situation presents itself.

He's a big boy!
In the meantime, there are lots of things going on this week.  Lots of errands to run, and cleaning to do, as most of it did not get done this past weekend.  DH gets wired for sound again on the upcoming weekend, for his 'insurance approved' sleep study as we try to get to the bottom of his perplexing medical issue.  If he can manage to sleep for the sleep study, perhaps we will learn what is going on.

Finally, I wish you all a wonderful, spring-is-coming-despite-polar-vortexes week!


  1. Tucker is a handsome fellow, for sure and will find his place just as you will find the right one for you!...:)JP

  2. It's amazing what can be accomplished in one day with the right equipment and lots of help. We're starting to see several dead trees around our property too, so, I'm sure this is also in our future. *moan*

    Yeah, I'm with you, I think it might be more prudent to wait to get another dog when there is no older dog. He might feel threatened in the pack and who needs that in old age? Y'all are being very thoughtful to the existing furbabies. Good call. ~:)


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