Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Musings...

Hello and a happy sleep deprived Monday to y'all!  Yes, sleep deprived.  It was a good thing, yesterday, that I got a long nap in the afternoon, 'cause I sure need it today to make up for all the lost sleep last night. 

At 01:00, dog wanted covered up.

At 02:15, dog wanted covered up again.

At 03:15, dog wanted out, but I made her lie back down and covered her up.

At 04:something, MonkeyBoy began to cry out loudly for help!  I popped up out of bed to assess, only to find he had puked over the side of his bed.  Oh well, better the nasty carpet, than the bed and sleeping bag!
 (thankfully no pictures of this!)

At 04:45, dog wanted out, and I let her, as DH was up in the bathroom by then and didn't hear her whine.  And yes, I was kind and covered her up again when she was done outside.  Can you say Spoiled Diva?
I knew you could say it!

After that, despite trying to fall back asleep, it didn't really happen so I just got up at about 06:15 and stole a cup of DH's Walmart coffee (blech) as I was too tired and lazy to brew my own good stuff.

And yesterday was just cold, icy and nasty.  We didn't even venture outside.  Neither DH nor I felt 100%.  Even the Super Bore Bowl was mind numbingly dull.  Everyone pretty much knew from the first botched snap on the opening play by Denver, that it was going to be ugly.  It was as if Denver spent too much time smokin' dope to be able to play.  A friend sent me this, probably from which sums things up nicely.


  1. Your family . . . is blessed to have you . . .

    Hope you get caught up on sleep - and Feel better soon . .

    seems your pupster should be able to cover YOU sometimes . . . (giggle)

  2. Sorry you are tired but I'm sure the dog feels better!...:)JP

  3. so funny and know Exactly what you're talking about! although, Sadie, my Ridge, is glued to my side. if I'm outside, freezing, she's outside, freezing. if I'm asleep, she's asleep, if I'm eating, she wants it. this past week she's eaten 8 ounce of chocolate chips, 2 pounds brand new, unopened box of oatmeal, cat mix, a pound of almonds and part of a loaf of bread. the dang cat gets up where the dog can't reach and knocks things down OR Sadie counter surfs to knock things down and eat them.
    I'm going to get those child locks for the cabinets.

  4. Hope you slept better last night and your spoiled doggie is feeling better. B

  5. Hope your son is feeling better, and that the rest of you don't catch it!

  6. Maggid- She would happily snuggle under my bed blankets if it were allowed...

    AQC--she felt warmer, anyway!

    TCF--Charlie was my velcro dog. He was also the consummate food thief, stealing anuything the kids held in their hands at dog-eye level! Cody is the big counter/table cruiser. He ate a whole pineapple (peeled) once!

    B & Lisa--the dog is fine, and son is too, though now daughter #1 is suffering some gastric distress.


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