Friday, February 7, 2014

How we spent our Friday afternoon

So, how did  you spend your Friday afternoon?  We spent ours getting DH wired to test the new "Deathstar Inc.", (wouldn't want to annoy a certain someone's employer!) offering to compete with Google Glass!
The oh-so-happy victim.

First they shave your head bald, so the equipment will stick.  Ok, so it's not as sophisticated as Glass, but hey, you remember that Lily Tomlin skit, right?  One ringy dingy, two ringy dingy...

Really, love?  A picture of this?

All wired up and nowhere to go...
Actually this post was his idea...I'm only the enabler this time.
The Techno-Hippie Ponytail!
I wonder if he gets XM radio on that thing?  Or perhaps it's a new tinfoil hat?


  1. Wow! I could never get the pres to try that!...:)JP

  2. Actually Monkeywrangler's post was a bit tongue in cheek.

    We actually spent the afternoon trying to meet almost all of my medical deductible in one office visit and paying off a certain neurologist's Porsche, as well as his boat, house, and various other sundries.

    Someone has been after me to get checked out, seems six month long headaches and bouts of dizziness and "unplanned" naps are not actually "normal".

    So now I get to "wear" this contraption all weekend and see if the doc can get an idea as to just what's going on in there.

    Oh well, should be fun wearing this at the local Wal-Mart. Maybe I can make the "People of Wal-Mart" picture threads.

  3. Hey, if it's a Lie Detector, I vote that we wire up our alleged President then shove him in front of the cameras. Now THAT's entertainment!

    Oh well, I start checking the Wal-Martians posts to see if your hubby shows up. *LOL*

    Good luck on the diagnoses. Keep us posted as to the results, 'k? Prayers for his healing. ~:)

  4. Seven of Dave. The Borg finally did make it to Earth.

    Why don't we drink whiskey after dinner tomorrow, and see if we can play havoc with the pretty new machine?

  5. B, AQC--for clarity, that's a 24 lead EEG setup DH is wearing for this weekend's WalMart Fashion Show!

    Sparky--I like the way you think! And thanks for the prayers too.

    Steak-- I got too caught up in the telephonic aspects of the gear to even think of Borg! I think a little honeyed bourbon would be nice after fajitas. Maybe 7ofDave will sleep tonight then?

  6. You are both in my thoughts and prayers. During these frightening days, God is with you, working all things to His good and His glory. Even so, these are frightening days and you'll be tucked into prayer every day.

  7. The photos are amazing . .
    I hope everything turns out way better than expected.

    Sending you Lifted thoughts and expectations for a Good Report

    (my version of prayer)

  8. We were busy building doggie ramp and I didn't read my usual fav blogs this weekend. So sorry he's getting the tests but hopefully it will figure out the issue.

    Actually, at Wal Mart, people may not notice. Now if he had a Billy Bass on top of that contraption . .

  9. Strange set of symptoms. Hope all of this brings a set diagnosis.


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