Friday, January 31, 2014

Random 5 Friday 01/31/14

Just trying to get an early start on my R5F entry this week.  Sometimes I forget about R5F until the last minute and then have to rush a post out, if I want to play...Here's the link to Nancy at ARJ.

1.  I picked up a Yoga ball at Academy this week.  It looks like a giant green pickle about 12" long.  I am hoping that it will help build my core, and also to alleviate some chronic back pain I have from an old injury.  The DVD that came with the Pickle, looks easy...
The Yoga Ball, a.k.a The Pickle

2.  Looks can be deceiving. (see above)

3.  Have you heard about the riots in Kiev, Ukraine?  Yeah, the populace is upset with their government's decision to go back to a more Communist outlook, and to reject the populace's desires to merge more fully with the EU.  Serious riots have been ongoing.  A stunning photo shows local priests standing between the riot police and the civilians.  It is both modern and medieval in appearance.  To credit the pic, it is from the AP, by Sergei Grits.

4.  Hormones are both bane and blessing....

5.  We took the Monkeys to see The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug last night.  We were the only people in the theater save for 1 other viewer.  We had to see the 3D version.  I was skeptical at first, having had bad experiences decades ago with the old red/blue glasses and 3D.  Something about screaming headaches afterwards.  But the new 3D is different.  It really worked well, and ZERO headache afterwards, even for DH!

As a diehard Tolkien fan, I am disappointed in the changes to the original book.  I mean, why cave to the feminazi crowd?  It added nothing to the plot.  Jackson would've been better off just making it a 2-film set, rather than hyper expanding the story line into a 3 film money-grab.  I was also disappointed in the portrayal of Beorn, and the skimpy coverage of Mirkwood and the Wood elves.  But the spiders were frighteningly realistic, and in 3D too....if you have arachnophobia, do NOT see this part of the film.  Overall I give it 3 stars, mostly because I am too much a Tolkien fan.  If you are not a diehard, you will like the film.  If you are a diehard, you'll probably like it, BUT...


  1. It does look like a pickle hope it works:)
    The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug something I would love to see I have never seen the new 3D movies would love to.
    Hormones oh yeah:)
    Have a nice weekend. Hug B

  2. Nothing is ever easy, especially when it comes to exercise!

  3. I haven't seen The Hobbit 2 yet. It didn't get the best reviews, from what I read.

  4. Wow- that photo is STUNNING. I didn't know anything about this.

    I was disappointed with the first Hobbit movie. I am such a book snob and always thing the book is better, but I thought he did a fairly good job with the 3 book series, so I had high expectations for the Hobbit!

  5. i love anything Hobbit. so i am excited!! if you are talking MENOpause & i am super worried & not looking forward to it ... i dislike the idea of hot flashes & all that jazz. my mom would hit me for saying this - but i have seen her going through it & it makes me shake in my boots. why can't men do that or similar too!! no fair!! YUCK!! not fair, no fair!! i an not happy about it. ha. ha!! ( :

  6. B- yep the Pickle seems to work.

    Karen- I need to get out riding again. My bike is getting lonely.

    Lisa- the kids adored the two Hobbit films so far. But it isn't as good as LOTR was.

    Terri- it was Maggid who brought that photo to my attention. I just had to share it.

    Beth- Yep, THOSE hormones...if you're not there yet, start looking up Estrogen Imbalance. The sooner you start balancing things, the better. Wish I had figured it out sooner. A blogger friend suggested Smoky Mountain Naturals for their hormone creams.

  7. Yes, I have heard about the riots in Ukraine and I'm quite worried that the tensions might escalate.

    Good luck with your new pickle! Hope it helps you with your back pain.

  8. That exercise "pickle" looks interesting and a bit weird at the same time. Let me know if it helps your back pain.
    I read the Hobbit years and years ago but I haven't not seen this movie. I don't like spiders much but in movies like that they don't scare me because I think of them as "make-believe".

  9. Your new "ball" is certainly different...hope it works well for you. I read reviews of the Hobbit and they weren't that good...we'll wait until it comes on TV. I'm done with hormones...years ago...why do you think I'm so happy all the time!?!?!...:)JP

  10. I have had the same experience with 3-D in the past but no problems with this new version either. Thank goodness.

  11. As someone also with chronic back and sciatica issues, I'll be interested to hear how your Pickle works out. :)

  12. An unusual shaped apparatus!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  13. I have not seen a "Yoga Ball" (pickle) like that before - hmm - maybe i should look into it.

    LOVE, Love, Love this post.

  14. what a powerful photo! the year Dave died, he sent me to eastern Europe, including Ukraine. he wanted me to learn how to travel on my own and it was a grand experience.


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