Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pinewood Derby 2014

And they're off!

The cars move pretty fast.

This year's Pinewood Derby for our son's Cub Scout pack was today.  We didn't get as involved in the race as much as in previous years, as MonkeyBoy isn't sure he wants to continue in Scouting. His pack lost a lot of scouts over the 'decision' that the governing council made, including his best friends in Scouts.
His pack allows for an open class, for parents and siblings to participate too.  The other Monkeys had fun, though none of the cars did well in the final standings.  If we had spent some time setting up the cars for speed, we could have done better.  But they had a good time, helped with concession sales, and generally exhibited good sportsmanship. 

Not every race ran smoothly.  The Monkeys did not have any crashes themselves, though MonkeyBoy's car did get jostled, as shown below, by a car that did leave the track.
Jostling for position.
It ended up taking 4+ hours to run all the heats and races.  This made for a rather long day for me.  It was fun though, and the kids had a good time.  Maybe next year I will do up a car too...Hmmm...


  1. Oh I would have loved to see that when you talked about Derby I thought we were talking about big cars. I love this better lots of fun without the noise:) B

  2. The crashes are always enjoyable -- at least from a little boy's point of view. :)

  3. Oh my...I can only imagine your car!!!...:)JP

  4. I bet this was fun! I'm like Buttons--I thought derby involved cars the kids steered.

  5. Buttons, Tina, y'all are thinking of the Soap Box Debby. Those are the big cars that the kids drive. But yes, all the kids, big or small, young and old alike, had fun.

  6. You completely reminded me of years ago - when all the boys were in to racing their cars.

    AND - later, when I lived in a smaller "village" (kinda) that held an annual "Soap Box Derby" - a hilly street was blocked off for two days for young people to compete in their home made cars . . . some things are just cool.



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