Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Paver Patio Project - Part 1

Two weeks ago, we tore out our old nasty wooden deck in back.  We have been wanting to replace it, oh, since we moved in 10+ years ago!  We have planned to put in a paver patio in its place, with an option to build a gazebo/roof over it (unattached to the house) later on.

If you imagine, you can envision the ratty decking, covering the cement slab and the now-dug-out dirt.  About the only thing done well on the deck was the corner post supports.  They were a royal pain to dig out!

 See what I mean?  That post wasn't going anywhere short of a 1megaton device!

The remains of the old deck.
 Now the Monkeys get to haul this heap to the curb for a special trash day pickup.  DH was kind enough tonight to chop it down into 4ft lengths in order for the trash guys to collect it.

Yesterday, the supplies arrived on the giant flatbed truck.  That's some 7372 pounds of rock!  Yikes!  And we have to move it all into the back yard by ourselves.  Good thing we got a Gorilla cart recently.  The Monkeys can manage to haul a seriously heavy load with it. It rolls well, dumps fairly easily, and steers well if you don't try too tight a turn.
Gorilla Cart

We actually got all the patio supplies moved to the back yard today.  All 7372 pounds of it.  Despite being careful while lifting heavy things, I am certainly 'feeling' it in my legs and backside.  Ouch.  

As you can see, the Diva has already claimed her spot!   The pile she is lying on, is actually about twice as high as that now.
The Diva surveying her minions.

Tomorrow we work on the final design layout, and continue additional excavation as needed.  Time now for a bit of chocolate, and a tasty beverage!


  1. Oh my aching back! Good luck with the rest of the project!

  2. Wow, that's quite a project. Also. I want a gorilla cart.

  3. Nice! I'm loving this project and I'm so glad you decided to blog about it. I've already picked up one great tip; that gorilla cart looks awesome. Lu and I are going to look for one for us. Looking forward to seeing the process and the final product. Go Guys!

  4. Hey Six, if you do get a Gorilla Cart, I have some advice for you on assembly. DO NOT tighten everything up until you get it all fitted loosely. Otherwise it will NOT fit. Other than that, assembly is straight forward provided you read the instructions as you go along. ;)

  5. Thanks for telling us about the gorilla cart...I wondered if they were that tough! Think of how great it will be when finished!!!...:)JP

  6. The Gorilla cart rolled great, at one point I had 450 pounds in there and it was easy to move.


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