Sunday, January 19, 2014

Space Aliens Stole Cody's Brain

How many of you remember the original Star Trek episode, Spock's Brain?  Not one of the more memorable episodes...but I am here to tell you it must be real!  For the aliens came over our house this morning to steal my poor dog Cody's brain.

Seriously.  At least that's what Cody thinks!  Really.

Hiding behind the neighbor's chimney.
He spotted them early this morning, out the kitchen window.  He commenced to warn the household with incessant barking..."Hey! Look, look, look!  Space aliens come to steal my brain!  Look look look!"  We let him outside, so he could drive the invaders away.
It was a full scale invasion!  Cody was surrounded, but he put up a valiant defense.  "Bark bark bark bark! "  Charging around the yard, aliens to the west of him, aliens to the east of him ( it was a sneak attack from the rear...), aliens to the south even! 

Sneaky alien ship.
The space aliens are a sneaky lot.  They like to hide behind trees, idling their quantum warp engines, and then just when they are overhead, they light off the engines with a tremendous ROAR!
Look behind you Cody!

Cody thinks he can scare them off, if he barks enough!  
Look!  The alien mothership!

His hackles come up, (not his ridge for that is always there), and even a patch of fur on his backside stands up.  He will attempt to drive off any space alien he sees, no matter how far off it is in reality.

It all started years ago when he was younger.  He used to be utterly ignorant of anything in the sky.  Not even Charlie, chasing airplanes on approach to DFW (they fly overhead) would register to Cody.  Until one morning...he was out back, when an alien ship drifted silently overhead, very low.  As they were too low and did not wish to crash into the subdivision, they fired off their engines in a dreaded sneak attack on Cody!  (Those burners really to ROAR, especially if they are close to you.)  He thought it was attacking, and he has been freaked out by the alien ships ever since.

Silly old dog!
See, Mom,  I drove it off!
 Good boy, Cody.  You scared it off.


  1. We have never had one of those come over but I suspect there would be lots of barking. Our dog was even barking at me today while I was feeding the steers, not sure what that was about, maybe there was an alien behind me and I didn't see it.

  2. Any dog that's got Ridgeback in it is a brave soul!!!!...:)JP

  3. Brave dog. I have never watched star trek.

  4. Good boy! Barkley is blissfully unaware of any air traffic, but he can somehow hear the UPS guy when he's 5 minutes away and start barking.

  5. Around here, Ridgebacks and bravery...sort of a mixed bag. Sometimes they are brave enough to take on the Lions...other times we call them BCR's for Big Chicken Ridgebacks! I've seen them scared of a Coke can that magically appeared on the steps before...and Cody freaked out the first time DH shaved off his hair.


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