Sunday, January 12, 2014

Saturday Night Special--Dead Pig wrapped in more Dead Pig!

Saturdays are my main cook-a-big-meal nights.  Our good friend Mr. B usually calls the night before, so we can plan the menu.  He then goes to the store in the afternoon on Saturday, and picks up supplies, which I will then cook for everyone's dinner.

Yesterday was no exception, excepting that I had already purchased the pork loin which was to be the central ingredient in the meal.  Here' then is the main course:

Slice everyone a thick (at least 1.5") pork steak off the pork loin.  Coat it with whatever choice of marinade sauce is requested.  Last night's choices were Teriyaki, Stubbs Chipotle Butter, and Stubbs Green Chili Marinade.  I have also previously soaked the pork steaks in apple juice for about 4hrs, which also works well.  Then take bacon and wrap each pork steak in 3 slices (2 around, and one end to end).  Pin these in place with wooden toothpicks.  It helps to try to remember how many each steak has, so you can tell your dinner guests...  Now spread a little more of each chosen marinade on the bacon.  Sprinkle the non-teriyaki ones with Pensey's 4S salt.

While you are doing this, you should be microwaving a large potato for each diner.  Once cooked, you should gut the potatoes, saving the empty carcass as a shell to be refilled.  Take the potato guts, add some sour cream, more crumbled bacon, a stick of butter, salt, pepper, lots of shredded cheddar, a little milk, and mix it all together well, like you are making mashed potatoes.  Once you achieve the desired taste, stuff all this back into the empty potato skin shells.  Add some more shredded cheddar on top, and pop into the oven to bake at 350 until the pork steaks are done.  Throw a loaf of garlic bread in, to heat with the potatoes too.

Now take the Dead Pig Goodness out to your smoker (which your DH thoughtfully lit in advance!) and smoke them with some apple wood, until the bacon begins to crisp.  Flip once, until the other side is crispy too.

Serve with the twice baked potatoes and garlic bread.  Be sure to remove the toothpicks!  Enjoy.


  1. You can't get much better than that! Bacon can be the main meal or almost a condiment. I just wish it didn't cost so much now. I fried a little bit last night for broccoli slaw(key ingredient) and then fried pork chops in the same pan and they picked up that bacon taste. Good stuff.

  2. Sounds amazing. We never use our smoker.

  3. Man that looks good. Great, now I'm hungry!!


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