Friday, January 10, 2014

Random 5 Friday 01/10/14

Linking up with Nancy at A Rural Journal for another installment of Random 5 Friday.

1.Wednesday night was the first night in almost a week, that I got to sleep in my own bed!  YAY!  DH's flu has finally left him, and it was safe to sleep in the same room as him.  At least in the days prior, I did figure out how to make the air mattress more comfortable.  Now I know, and knowing is half the battle!

2.  OUCH!  I have never dropped that much cash at Lowes before Wednesday.  Paver patios are not cheap.

3.  I had mentioned previously, that my mom's oven thermostat died on her after 55years of service.  Her local Sears says they don't have/make/know of a replacement part, even on a service call the guy was clueless.  Of course, he was probably younger than the oven!  I had a similar experience once with my folks old overbuilt Lennox A/C unit and 20-something yr old repair tech...who had never seen a unit with a high pressure AND a low pressure cut off switch!  Anyway, Mom was regrettably getting ready to order a new oven when I told her to let me try to turn up a part that could work.  So last night after she emailed me the relevant part and model info, I hopped online to the Sears chat-live feature.  In less than 20 min, the online guy had FOUND the appropriate approved, still-in-production part, and sent me an order link for it!  YAY!  Now all I have to do is order it for her (only available on line) and then she can get some guy to install it for her. 

4.  I can just imagine the chatter in the Sears floor last night as I worked with their live-chat tech....
"Hey Max, can you believe some lady wants a part for a 55 year old oven?" 
"Seriously, Teddy?" 
"Yeah, seriously, Max.  Do you still have that ancient cheat sheet of parts?  This lady even knows the part and model number!  It really is 55 years old, and she's pulled up the online schematic!"
"Yeah Teddy, gimme a minute.  I gotta grub around in my file drawer....Yeah I got it now.  What was that part number? (insert thoughtful mumbling here)  Hmm....looks like part#123456 was replaced by #234456, which was replaced by #789654, and then they changed it to #321456.  Yeah, #321456 should work according to Whirlpool, as an OEM replacement part."
"Great!  Thanks Max!  You're a lifesaver!  You gotta burn me a copy of that cheat sheet one of these days."

5.  Lowes is supposed to deliver the patio stuff today.  It started raining Wednesday.  It is supposed to rain lots today.  Of course it is....I won't curse the rain though.  We still need it.  And moisture will eventually make it easier to compact the ground properly, though it will make it a pain to work in the muddy soil in the next few days.  House will get muddy as anything too, between kids and dogs running Out-In, Out-In, Out-In in an  unending loop.


  1. #1 ... totally understand that one. the hubby & i have not kissed since Thanksgiving. no joke. we hug ... but it is tough when you are trying to keep each other healthy. the hubby bought the cold home & we have been sick. hoping for that to be over asap. it plain stinks. no fun.

    glad to hear the bug is gone from your home.

    rainy here ... so heavy at the moment. happy weekend. ( :

  2. The Pres still has his cough left and it's been October so we've been cheeking it!!!! Old cheat sheets are invaluable sometimes...:)JP

  3. So good to hear your back in your own bed. In our house when hubby is sick he sleeps on the couch or in his chair as I cannot sleep in any other room then our bedroom.
    Congrats on finding that replacement part, that is one unit for sure. - Loved the made up conversation.

  4. The price of those type of landscaping material stings, but it is so worth it when your project is completed! Way to go on Sears being able to located that part your mom needs... quite impressive!

  5. I love the story of the 55 year old oven. Now days appliances only last 7-10 years, that is just not right.

  6. Love that you found the part for your mom's oven. They just don't make them like that anymore and I bet she would not like a new one near as much as her old friend.


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