Thursday, January 30, 2014


Wow....these gentlemen get it!  I wish they would consider running for higher office.  They speak the truth.

And then there was a editorial opinion posted on FoxNews the other day.  I suspect its author was promptly added to somebody's hate-list.

State of the Union 2014 -- thin-skinned amateur Obama addresses Congress, our parliament of whores

I did not watch the Golden Globes this year.
I did not watch the Grammys.
I am not sure if I will watch the State of the Union address.
Why bother?
A thin-skinned amateur who has been in office six years and still can’t grasp how to do his job will stand before an even more thin-skinned Parliament of Whores and tell them he does not need them, while knowing he really does need them, while none of them truly want to be with each other, and all have lawyers ready to go bow before the black robed masters who’ll sit stone faced at the front of room knowing they really rule the joint.
This State of the Union, like Washington itself, promises to be soul sucking gamesmanship
My only hope is that the Republicans grow a pair and start laughing uncontrollably when the president begins touting ObamaCare, which you know he will do and which you know they will not. Paging Steve Stockman — here’s your moment.  Complete editorial here.

I suspect I may use his description of Congress in general, in future ramblings.  It's too good not to spread around.

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