Thursday, February 18, 2016


Not too many more pretty sunsets for us here in this place.  This one was far more vivid to the eye, than to the camera, which was a little overloaded.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It'll be a late spring garden...

Since we are moving (soon!) to a place with enough space for kids, dogs and a garden, I have been thinking about what to try to grow up there.  I am told the soil is more acidic, and therefore more likely for apple trees to survive (cotton root rot).  I will have space to put in a series of raised beds, to ensure better drainage.  The sprinkler system (aerobic) should help to water everything.  We'll just have to remember to wash it all really well!

So, my list of want-to-grow consists of plums (Methley & Ozark Premier) and apples (Mollie Delicious and Gala), tomatoes (gotta grow tomatoes!), green peppers, radishes, lettuce, cucumbers, sweet corn, and maybe some beans (green or pinto).

But this first year, we will be getting a late start due to the move dates, and the need to get settled before trying to build a garden.  I'm thinking if I can get a small frame built quickly, I will go with radishes, lettuce and tomatoes or green peppers.

The fruit trees will go in this coming fall, once we pick out a good site for them.  And don't forget, I have to lay out a dog run, and a chicken coop/run!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I'm beginning to think the cure is worse...

Flagyl, aka metronidazol, is the friend I love to hate.  Short of an allergic reaction, I think I've had every noted side affect and even the rare ones.  And I have 6 more days of this crap.  Plus the added bennie that the sides usually last at least a week past final dose.

Gads, I swear, this stuff is worse than what ails me!  (maybe...)

I even begged my doc for something different...his response?  Not if you want to get well.  They won't prescribe different unless you ARE allergic to it.  and I'm not...not yet anyway.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tick Tock, Tick Tock...

Ah, the interminable joys of waiting.  Sort of like the old military adage about Hurry up and Wait... we are now in that window of time, where we are waiting to close on the sale of this house, and waiting for the date to be set for the closing on the house we are buying.  And through all that, juggling the times of the dual leasebacks, and when everybody gets to take full possession of their houses.  Or something like that.

After we close here, the timeline will hurry up some, as we will know the exact date we have to vacate.  Getting OUT of here will not be that difficult, as most of our stuff is already gone.  One big 26' truck will handle everything with room to spare (all the better to empty out storage units with, eh?).  I'm hoping our move-in schedule can be accelerated some, but I just don't know, at this point.

Once we close up 'there',  everything is locked in to a schedule.  The dogs will go on vacation out at TIRR during the move, so they don't get too rattled, or scoot out an open door.  We will pick them up after we build their temporary run at the new place.  They'll be fine I think, after a couple days of getting to know the new place.

We do plan to look into helping out with the local animal shelter in town.  They do a lot of good work there, and of course we will still be helping out when we can with TIRR.  And if the kids and I end up living at TIRR for a few days, then we will help out a LOT!  There's always pens that need cleaning, and dog bedding that needs laundered.