Monday, April 1, 2019

It's official

We're moving!  We signed final papers on a purchase of some property, east of our current home, early this morning.  5.28 acres, fenced with a pond, 3 large really nice outbuildings, and a much smaller home in need of some mostly cosmetic maintenance.  The best part??  We will be mortgage-free!!!!  Which means, we will be fully debt-free!

That just boggles my mind in a way.  My folks, half a century ago, paid cash to build the large split level I grew up in, and in which my mom still lives.  They used to have a pair of trivets over the kitchen stove that read, "Home Sweet Home"  and "99 more years and it's ours!"  As a kid, I knew it was funny, but I didn't quite grasp how or why.  As an adult, I get it. 

I'm looking forward to getting moved, and figuring out the new place.  Though we won't be joining the local church, instead we will continue to attend our existing church.  Plus DH and I will likely be joining the volunteer fire department (fire relief & support, as neither of us are well suited to actual firefighting.)  We also have to figure out what we need to do to maintain the Ag exemption on the property (lower taxes, YAY!).  Eventually we hope to run a couple yearling steers on grass until fall slaughter, so we can get a freezer full of good beef.

Wish us luck.   It's going to be an adventure.