Friday, April 21, 2017


What...the beef used to be old and rotten?  Your ad campaign isn't selling me any burgers, guys!

Monday, April 17, 2017

A cold wet one...

At 04:30 this morning even!  Yes I was sweetly (?) awoken from a sound sleep by a cold wet nose, right on the kisser!  Indy was upset by the storm that had finally arrived.  He hates thunder and I was unable to find his Thundershirt.  So I stuck him in the youngest Monkey's room for comfort.

An hour later, DH woke me without a kiss, to inform me we needed to set the trash pump up to keep the house dry, as it was pooling deeply in back.  He braved the cold downpour, while I wrangled the power cord and plugged it in.

So far, we've gotten 3" rain in 3 hrs.  That's a lot of water!  Thr river Nile out back is flowing well.  I'm sure the intermittent creek out back is running heavy by now too.  As big and as heavy as this storm seems to be, I can tell I will be home most of the day monitoring the water situation.  Joy.  And of course today I need to run to town, take a dog to the vet, etc.  And NWS now says flash flooding in the area, which DH confirmed on his drive into work this morning.  He said there were several sketchy low water crossings he had to navigate in the Civic.

And it's still raining...
The white pipe beyond the gate is the pump setup.

The pool is almost completely full!

Final total here at the casa? 4.3" of rain.  And DH made it home just fine.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Finger Update

Well, I had an appointment with my favorite doc, my orthopedic surgeon back in McKinney.  I was told at the clinic to get an orthopedic review, and since I really trust my doc, I snagged a visit for this morning, driving 90 miles for the pleasure.

I brought my xrays with me, and the look of disappointment on Doc's face when I explained how the broken finger occurred was totally worth the drive!  He was expecting something far more dramatic from me, than getting it snagged in a dog's collar!

Still, I did cring a little when the first word out of his mouth, as he saw the breaks, was "Damn!"   I thought for sure it meant surgery would be necessary,  However, he studied the pics, and examined the hand, and determined it was set rather well , and that if the fragments didn't shift, I would be able to just let it heal.  Yay!

He did recommend a taco-splint to provide better support, and fitted me with one.  It's kind of bulky, and hot, but nothing hurts now when I bang into something.

It's my Mad Dog Mattis knifehand now!

I go back for new xrays Wednesday to see how it is healing, and to see if it shifted at all.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Stuck in the minor med clinic

Yeah, silly me, trying to help a stray dog.  I'd picked him up in the neighborhood last night, and bedded him down in the truck for the night. Friendly and all, no problem, he knows what a truck is.

FFWD to this morning when I went to leash him up for a walk to relieve himself.  He bolted off the tailgate, I grabbed at his collar, and promptly noticed the tip of my ring finger was not pointed in its normal direction, but instead was about 45° off kilter.  Joy...dislocation.  So I did what most folks would do, I pulled it out straight.  That didn't really hurt, but it also didn't quite fix the problem.

I called my regular doc, and he said "get thee to the minor care clinic" for an xray and reduction. The sooner, the better.

So here I sit, finger buddy wrapped to the middle finger, everything a whole lot more tender than it was at first.

I don't think it's broken... I hope it's not broken.
3 hrs later, Xray says busted.  Damn...