Saturday, July 16, 2016

How to make 35mi feel like 65mi...

So, how do you make a short 35 mile bike ride feel like at least 65 miles?  Well take some good ol' Texas heat and humidity, add in a bright sunny day, and then don't ride your bike for half the year! was the 32nd annual Tour de Paris, which is now our 'local' ride.   While it was nice to sleep in sort of, and not have to rush to get there (and be home in 15 minutes was grand!), we were not quite expecting it to take so much out of us.  It is true that neither DH nor I have ridden any distance this year due to the whole move/getting settled/unpacking/rain/heat.  However, we have not been inactive.  We have been weightlifting regularly, and have dropped fat and added some muscle.  So we figured we would ride the 20mi route, and see if we felt ok to continue for the 35mi section.

The lesson learned is that weight training is not equal to aerobic cycling endurance.  There is carryover, for short bursts of force, such as going up a hill, but for continual turnover of the legs, it sucks.  We need to ride more.  Period.

Still, the TdP is a great ride.  The whole town turns out, helps out, and it is one of the best run rides in Texas.  SAGS are well spaced, and well stocked.  They even had lots of pickle juice (Dave's favorite for cramp relief).  Volunteers are helpful, friendly and energetic.  Much of the food is homemade, like divine brownies and chocolate chip cookie bars!  And the route is well marked.  The roads are in better-than-average condition, and due to the rural nature of the ride, traffic is low.
 We thought we had a good plan, to ride the recumbent tandem to the 20mi turnaround, and evaluate.  We did this, and decided we would be fine for the extra miles to get to 35.  Boy, am I glad we did not attempt the 57mi route!  I think we would have had to SAG in...We just didn't have the miles in the legs today.

Squat camp is next week in Ft Worth, and I am staying the night before with our dog rescue friends at TIRR.  At least I know my legs are ready for squat camp!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Random 5 Friday July 1 2016

Though Nancy at A Rural Journal is taking a break again from blogging, I got the urge to do another R5F post, as any more creative thoughts have fled with my Muse.

1.  Summer has come to NTX, and with it the rains have vanished.  We are using our sprinkler system, just to water the foundation, and part of the front, for a few minutes a day.

2.  The pool has been a welcome addition ot our lives.  We have made good use of it, though it has cost us a fair bit this year, with the need to buy a new heater for it.  Still, the chance to use the spa and heater in the cold months will be SO worth it!

3.  It is nice living out here, more rurally than we used to.  WE can actually buy and shoot off fireworks!  DH grew up with his parents running a fireworks stand, as a summer side business, so this is something he has wanted to share with the kids for years.  Where we used to live it was a $2000 fine if the cops caught you in possession/shooting fireworks.

4.  I'm really excited for a chance to get some real training for weightlifting in July!  I noticed that there was an Aasgaard Co. Squat Camp in Ft Worth, and there were still openings.  DH couldn't attend as he has callout (pager) duty that week.  But I got to sign up!  Aasgaard is the company that Mark Rippetoe is part of, and I really like his training info and style.  It will mean an early morning, and long (3hr) drives both ways, but I think it will be worth it.

5.  And this week marks the first time we have fostered a dog.  The local shelter, of which we are now members, was having an event last Saturday.  We went out to drop off some small supplies, and turn in our foster app.  There was a man adopting a midsized mixbreed dog, who, as a truckdriver, wasn't going to be able to come back thru town to pick up the dog until Friday.  The shelter needed a short term foster to care for her after spaying, until the new owner could come get her.  That turned out to be us!  She's a sweet thing, very gentle and appropriately submissive to our pack, but loves to give kisses.  I'm glad we could help her out.
This little foster sure knows what the kitchen is for!