Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ah, the joys of being a weather watcher

Yes, at 03:30 this morning, DH woke me up, saying it was about to get sporty out there.  The predicted storms had arrived.  I got up grudgingly, and within 15 min, they had sounded the sirens for a tornado due to track over our house. Joy....

So we rousted the sleeping Monkeys, and wrangled them into the storm shelter. Then they cancelled the first warning, but almost immediately issued one for a similar track. So here we sit, more worried about the dogs than anything.  The dogs will NOT go down into the shelter, not even for bacon!  So they stay in the house, and we pray for the best.

At least, because of our ham radio hobby, we get more advance notice on storms and warnings.  And that beats being woken up by the county sirens every time!


  1. The dogs are afraid of the steps...as am I. I don't like "open" steps...my depth vision isn't all that great anymore. I'm surely praying and hoping y'all are fine...everyone!

  2. Do you think if you made a ramp out of a board the dogs might be willing to walk down? We did that with one of our foster dogs that wouldn't go down the back deck steps.


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