Saturday, May 30, 2020

The Bees Knees?

So, the left knee is healing well, at one month post-op, and I've been released from Doc's care/treatment.  Over the next month or two it should get back to normal.

That's a good thing too, since I'm pulling the trigger on the bad right knee in mid August.  It, and it's damnable cyst the size of half a banana are going away.

After X-rays, MRI's consults with surgeons and specialist surgeons and a second opinion, I have found a specialist orthopedic surgeon who is willing to replace the knee AND remove the cyst at the same time, and from the same incision.  I was so relieved when Doc G said, "Oh yeah, I can do all that in one surgery, easy," that I practically hugged him!

He comes highly recommended from the other two surgeons who are familiar with my knee problems.  And the general consensus amongst them all was that just replacing the knee probably would not resolve the cyst (it's too big).

And honestly, it's the cyst that is causing most of the pain and restricted movement.  It gets pinched every time I flex my knee.  Part of it seems to be impinging on the primary nerve to the lower leg, which makes life interesting... And just taking out the cyst without resolving what caused it in the first place is pointless, because it'll just come back due to the arthritis.

So say a prayer for me, and look out for future updates as I embark on the great adventure that is a total knee replacement.  At least it's getting me back in the gym lifting again, since Doc G said stronger is better for knee surgery.  Let's be honest though, stronger is better, period!

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