Monday, March 12, 2012

Homebrew Headrest Success!

Switching from the Vrex to the Giro26 has necessitated that I attempt to fabricate a headrest for the Giro due to the greater recline of the seat.  Sadly, unlike Dave's F5, the Euromesh seat is not drilled and tapped for screwing on a headrest.  I decided to modify the general concept from the ADEM mount, using aluminum barstock, and screws, not velcro.

First I got a piece of 1" and a piece of 2" bar stock from Lowes.  The 2" piece would be the mounting plate for the 1" piece.  It was drilled for mounting holes on the drill press. It would zip tie ontp the seat back.  2" was a bit too wide to fit inside the seat, and a bit too wide even externally, for the seat mesh zIp ties, so I had to notch the left side of the plate to avoid the zip tie heads.  Ugly but functional.
Then I cut and drilled the 1" piece to screw onto the base plate.  The first set of screws proved too short, but luck would have it, I found some longer ones, complete with Nylock nuts so they should not vibrate loose!  I decided to use a PVC T-joint for the foam mount.  I split the vertical leg of the T, and made it fit over the 1" bar.  A zip tie helps compress that together so it does not really want to come off, or wobble badly.  If necessary I can use PC7 to fix it permanently. 
 After I got it all screwed onto the mounting plate I needed to figure out the bend for my neck.  It only took a couple trips to the vise and I have the right angle.

 The zip ties were set tight, and trimmed, and a reflective spot was added to the back of the bar.  Ta Da!


  1. Monkeywrangler, How is your head rest working out. I have often thought I would like to make my own. Now seeing this, i have more self confidence to try it.

    1. It worked well. It was stable. I now have a different bike so I longer have that headrest.


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