Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Silverado Sage doesn't lie

When we first moved here to Texas, our house had a couple sage green shrubs that would bloom purple.  We learned they were called the Silverado Sage.  It's an attractive decorative shrub, and the local bee population seems to love them when in bloom.
What we later learned, either through a friend, or simple experience, is that when you see them bloom like this--

Or this...

Then it is bound to rain, usually within 3 days.  It's been more accurate in our experience, than the local weather guessers, at least in regards to rainfall.  All these pictures were taken this week, here in DFW.  The top two were taken by DH at a jobsite.  The bottom two are here at the Casa.  The little one, in its first planted blooming, is the replacement shrub given us by the man who ran over the other shrub (a shrub I did not care for anyway).  We were just glad he did not hit our house, the oak tree or DH's Honda in the driveway! 

 We like these bushes enough that we will likely cut out the hedge of photinia on the side of the house.  We have enough trouble keeping the photinia below the roofline even with hacking it back 2x a year.  The Silverado Sage is a lot more attractive, with a slower growth rate, so maybe we can keep it trimmed to chest height so it looks decent.

But did it lie, I hear you say?  Well, NO!  It rained here Wednesday, and also today.  Well over an inch today according to the gauges I can find online, though we got more rain Wednesday than the weather stations are showing, at least here at the Casa anyway.  I would guess we got a good 2" or more total this week.  It was quite welcome too.


  1. Glad you got that amount of rain! Love the idea of your new hedge!!! ...:)JP

  2. Does that sage smell as lovely as it looks? Two things I remember and miss about the west...the smell of sage and pinon...oh my, how delicious!

  3. At flowering time it will smell sweet, but the bush itself is not a true sage or pinion as far as I know. It certainly does not smell like them.

  4. Okay - I'm going to remember to pay attention to the blooms and the rain . . . we got plenty when they were blooming - and now - our days are nice - but we have no rain (and we could use it) - BUT, I wasn't paying any attention to linking the two thoughts . . cool, something new.

  5. What beautiful flowers on the sage, and a smart plant to be able to predict rain.

  6. Found your blog on Sparky's. I moved to TX a year ago and love the sage, but especially the lavender I planted in my yard. We only had a little rain here in the city. Obviously not living right! Thanks for the horticulture lesson---I am still learning about what does well here.

  7. It's been raining here too ... finally.
    The sage is quite showy. I like it. Wish we had some here. Our big purple producing wildflower is Meadow Beauty. It's all along the roadsides during summer and loves wet feet. ~:)

  8. The sage bushes are beautiful Vic! I don't think we have that here in AL.


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